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VFIS is the largest provider of insurance, education and consulting services to emergency service organizations

Our History: First on the scene…still responding®

Half a century ago, our founder, Arthur J. Glatfelter recognized the critical need for first responders to have adequate insurance protections, so he launched the first-ever specialized coverage for America’s emergency service organizations: VFIS. Today, VFIS has grown to insure thousands and lead the industry in providing protections and gold-standard education and training for those who serve our communities. Our team is made up of many current and past first responders who have a combined 760+ years of emergency service experience. We understand the needs of your crew because we serve beside our brothers and sisters every day.

Our Philosophy: Safety as a Priority

Much like our founder, the VFIS approach to serving the market is very relationship-focused. We’ve forged strong partnerships with ESO leaders that allow us to continually develop policy and program enhancements, provide topnotch educational, consulting and training opportunities and pay our clients’ claims. We’re committed to protecting the resources of emergency service organizations and promoting the health and interests of their members with an unmatched level of understanding and dedication.

VFIS University

VFIS University: A Commitment to Continued Learning

VFIS is dedicated to helping ensure that emergency service organizations are better prepared for every call, able to reduce the risk of injury or loss to those they serve, understand how to protect their property and get quality support for their most valuable asset—their team.

Since 1969, we’ve made it our priority to provide clients with top-notch, innovative education, training and consulting programs at little or no cost. We’re proud of this focus on gold-standard education and the deep impact that it is able to make.

Current cancer-related courses on vfisu.com include:

  • A006 Cancer and the Firefighter – An Awareness
  • A007 Firefighter Cancer Resources to Assist You
  • A013 Talking About and Responding to Firefighter Cancer
  • 125 Recommendations Related to Reducing Known Risk of Cancer in Firefighters


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